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Sister C. Lee

As I’ve been preparing for my mission, I’ve had ups and downs. Someone told me that the last bit of time before I leave, I will start noticing all my flaws and weaknesses, and Satan will use that to get me to feel unworthy. But as I’ve studied and prayed and had my heart open to revelation, I’ve learned that my weaknesses have purpose and are actually helping me to become who I need to be.

There is a poem by Lao-Tzu which sums up my thoughts up perfectly: Thirty spokes converge in the hub of a wheel, But the use of the cart will depends on the part of the hub that is void. With a wall all around A clay bowl is molded, But the use of the bowl Will depend on the part of the bowl that is void. Cut out windows and doors in the house that you build. But the use of the house will depend on the part of the house that is void. Thus advantage is had from whatever is there, But usefulness arises from whatever is not.

God knows our weakness and our strength. He loves us regardless. When we turn our hearts towards Christ and His sacred healing power of the atonement, our empty spaces become the spots God fills up to help us fulfill our divine purpose. Without the struggle of overcoming our faults, this life would have very little purpose. I’m grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me even though I fail, and I’m grateful He has the power to make my weaknesses into strengths (Ether 12:27) Indeed, my usefulness in the hands of God comes greatly from my dependence on His grace to fill the gaps where I fall short and become who He intends for me to be. Sister C. Lee

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