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Sister Hunt

- Then we were again knocking in a different area and a man named Sonny opened the door. He said "actually you caught me at a really good time, I can hear a message." So at the door step we shared the most precious truths of the restoration of Jesus Christs Church. A grown man stood there with tears in his eyes and had never been reminded of God's love for ALL of his children.

-A lady named Sherry, we have stopped by forever, finally allowed us in her house! She explained how she knits and gives away all that she makes. We showed her

Mosiah 2:17 and she just began to cry and said "that's exactly how I feel" she jokingly blamed us for making her cry and we testified of the spirit and that Jesus Christ is the source of all good!

God is good and Jesus is the source of joy and he wants us to find joy in the imperfect journey thay we all live:)

- Sister Hunt

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