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Cassandra K

I decided to join the church after 6 months of attending sacrament, going to FHE & other church events, I made the promise to 2 very close friends in my life who had expressed their disagreement regarding my attendance in the church- that I would involve myself, Learn and experience as much as I could before making my decision on baptism.

I think it’s safe to say that my experiences following the makings of that promise were positive indeed.

I’ve Never felt more accepted and supported in a church environment before. I grew up in a baptist church where the formalities exchanged on Sunday were insincere and empty.

From day one I knew that these people were just trying to do the right thing through whatever struggles they might have, while also validating others’ struggles and ministering with as much love and non judgment as possible- because there is no shame in Jesus Christ. After realizing that this environment was entirely opposite ( in the best way) from what I’ve been conditioned to believe, I started consistently meeting with the missionaries and asked all the uncomfortable questions. And heard all the uncomfortable answers, that somehow always ended up leaving me feeling peaceful and content.

I followed through with my baptism excitedly in November- and truth be told, I didn’t fully know in my heart that the church was true until I received my patriarchal blessing. After hearing the intricate words of such a personal blessing from a gentleman who literally didn’t know me, was the moment I knew this was His church.

Our God knows us. He knows us so deeply and intentionally, better than we know ourselves. He has proven it time and time again, and I would have been foolish to continue on with my life without the use of the doctrine that was revealed to us through Joseph Smith.

I’m looking forward to being a walking testimony of my saviour-

For not everyone who will come to Him saying “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom


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