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Francisco Torres

Hi there!

I am Francisco Torres, a newcomer in Canada. I am originally from Chile, South America but I been lived in Argentina 10 years and other countries though my life. I do like to watch movies/series, to play sport, visit new places and do some outdoor activities. I came from a big family, being the 5th of 6 children. I love my family, even when we are not really close to each other I can count with them when I need them most… And I love my nieces and nephews, they are so cute.

I have been member of The Church of Jesus Christ of the latter-days Saints all my life. Most of my personal and professional achievements are because of the principles that I leaned in the church and in my home. I served my mission in Peru (2013-2015) and I love that country and its food.

I am a geoscientist, more specifically a Geophysicist.

In Chile we have a lot of earthquakes, so I always wanted to know what was going on under my feet. I am working for a consulting firm and most of my work is in the field (in remotes areas in different provinces/countries for days) and then come back to the office to processes the data. Learning about the complexity, perfection and beauty of the creation (including animals, plants, rocks and weather) gives me a personal testimony of the love of our heavenly Father has to us.

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