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Sister Praag

Jesus Christ is solution. He is solitude and solace. He is the truth and the trail. He waits for us, he waits with us, and he carries the weight because of his love for us. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior, and I know that he is yours too. Whether you make mistakes or not. Whether you believe in him or not. He is there for you. Jesus Christ has healed me with my mission service. He has righted my wrongs and triumphed over my burdens. This gospel is not mine, it's his. It's his love and light that fills you when you try, when you get up, when you don't understand. I don't represent me, I represent the person who lived and died for me. God has assisted me with the joy on this mission. I know that the reason for my joy is found in sharing his gospel. This gospel is a big hug and I hope I can hold on to it forever.

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