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Sister E. Koller

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

When I’ve had hard times, I’ve felt his power after reaching out to him through prayer, or seeking out peace from his house the temple, that he reaches back and helps make me stronger. I know that if Jesus Christ cares for me and loves me as much as I’ve come to know he does, that he loves each of you equally the same as well. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of God, is fully truth, and that we can come to know our saviour through reading it and bring increased light and hope into our lives, when we are in a world that can feel like the opposite of that most of the time.

I came to know of the truth of the gospel and of my saviours saving grace for me, because of the time I knelt and inquired of him, and I know he’s so ready to do the same for each of you. I love my saviour Jesus Christ and know that he lives, I know we have a father in heaven who loves us and eagerly wants us to strive to do all we can to return to him, and I know the gospel’s the full truth we can rely on.

Sister Koller

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