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Elder D. Jacobs

I have always wanted to serve a mission and bless the lives of others. The song that repeated through my head before leaving on my mission was, "Because I Have Been Given Much." This gospel is worth more than anything else we could offer people! In coming on a mission, there are a lot of discomforts. Moving to a completely new place, living with someone you have never met, and trying to teach people that sometimes don't want to listen. Although there are many challenges of being on a mission, the rewards are well worth it. The opportunity to see people change and become new people is something that I love doing. Without struggles and challenges, we would never come to know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of peace, hope, and love. I cherish the belief and knowledge that I have of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love for each of us! Jesus LOVES you!

Elder Jacobs

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